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Boost Your G7 Chapter on LinkedIn

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The LinkedIn Chapter Booster is a series of template social media posts to promote your next chapter event over LinkedIn. With a little bit of coordination, this goes a long way towards enhancing your chapter’s visibility & getting more guests at your next chapter event.

Learn what the Booster is all about!


Scroll down or click below to jump to each template post:

3 Weeks before Event  (post #1)

Purpose: Announce your chapter's event. 

Download Post Template


2 Weeks before Event  (post #2)

Purpose: Share G7 Networking's signature video.

Download Post Template


1 Week before Event  (post #3)

Purpose: Build excitement for your next G7 chapter event. 

Download Post Template


Bonus: G7 on Your Profile

Purpose: Add G7 Networking to your LinkedIn profile.

Download Instructions


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