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Release Notes: January 2023

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Watch overview and learn the latest member & leader resources in your G7 membership.



  • Summary: Your Scorecard tracks key metrics in networking activity for your chapter through the G7 App. 
  • Check out your chapter's Scorecard today in the G7 App. Pro tipWatch tutorial (new!) together at your next G7 chapter event during the "Grow" portion.

Membership Pricing Changes

  • We wanted to make you aware that beginning Jan. 16, 2023, membership rates will increase to $495/year or $59/month. This increase will take effect in 2023 based the date of your G7 membership anniversary. (Note: For special "Founding Members", price changes do not apply.) 

  • Why the price change? ➡️ During G7’s early growth, membership was priced low to support business professionals feeling COVID-related, economic pressures. And now, as we are seeing the silver lining in our world, we are ready to begin moving back to proper financial sustainability, so that the Network can continue to thrive and fulfill our mission for many more years to come. Through networking mixers and new training offerings, we can’t wait to make the G7 membership experience even better in 2023.

  • Save 30% at annual frequency! ➡️ Monthly members, switch to annual and put $213 more in your pocket every year (effective rate of $41.25/month).

Resource Updates

Next Member Webinar:  Mon, Jan 16, 2023
🎄Our Christmas gift to you!
TUTorial:  Preparing a "Gospel" Devotional
Chapter Roles & Responsibilities
  • Revamped for new Event Director role + observed best practice
  • Download here & discuss with your team.
App updates
  • Events, Leads, Guest Invites:     Tweaks for streamlined entry of networking activities + bug fixes
G7 is expanding!
  • ...and that growth can benefit you. Learn about the opportunity to support this transformational organization through a performance-based, philanthropy model.
  • Watch 6-min explainer.

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