Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy
Eric Polo-1

Executive Advisor

Areas of Expertise: Digital Marketing, Learning Management, Biblical Teaching


Eric Teachout

What's your role at G7?  

For two & a half years, I was proud to serve as G7's project manager, where I built of the network's infrastructure, training resources, and app.

As of mid-February 2023, I am expanding my horizons to new opportunities in project management. However, I am continuing to stay involved with G7, advising them in technology, discipleship culture, and team dynamics.

Why are passionate about G7?  

The devil in the details, but so is God if you know how to look. G7's essential business model mixes revenue generation with spiritual development. This combination of faith + money can become a deadly cocktail or a life-giving solution, depending on whether our efforts in both are submitted to God. It's my passion & prayer that G7 do what it does best—business growth through referral relationships—in the full joy of obedience to God's commands.

What's your background?  

My professional career has spanned non-profits & for-profits alike, with common threads of business operations, software implementation, & learning/development. As a certified PM & owner of Fortis Agilis, my contract PM firm, I make it easier for product owners to take control of their workflow with courage, creativity, & confidence.

What do you like doing when you're not working?  

My wife Lena and I teach the youth group at our congregation of Life21 Church, an evangelical, charismatic ministry in Northfield, MN, USA.

In my spare time, I enjoy being a foody, learning biblical languages through the Ephesus School Network, and listening to the BibleProject podcast (of which I am the biggest fan-boy).

What's your favorite book of the Bible and why?  

Recently my wife and I taught our youth group on the prophet Amos. The book of Amos frequently uses sarcasm and complex imagery to make this simple point, that when the "family of God" pursues their own security, pleasure, and even their religion to the detriment of the poor, God's destructive judgment is certain & thorough. A biblical mentor once told me that to understand such a harsh message you have to be skilled in making fun of others, especially yourself.

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