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Start Connecting

What to Expect

Opportunities to Grow & Lead

Effective, God-centered Networking

In G7, professionals develop relationships that matter. A shared faith foundation provides a context of trust and empowerment that fosters vulnerability and a space to exchange counsel in life and work.

About Us

How It Works

Upon signing up for a 30-day, free trial, new members can expect to actively participate & learn through our easy onboarding process: 


After finding a chapter, you'll be welcomed into all group meetings & chapter events to begin building relationships & connections. 

TRAINING & Support

You'll receive live onboarding training for succeeding as a G7 member, along with access to an array of resources to help you level-up in business networking.

Warm Business Leads

Through leveraging your new business relationships, begin sharing referrals to increase leads and support each other's business goals.

The G7 Advantage

Make networking a missional component of your life! In driving faith & business as a unified effort, G7 Networking with Purpose keeps God at the center of networking.

Monthly Events

Every G7 chapter follows our "7 G's" formula for leading tight, spiritually grounded meetings.

①  Gospel:  A short devotional

②  Group:  Brief, member introductions

③  Grade:  Assess group progress

④  God:  Personal faith testimony

⑤  Grow:  Professional development

⑥  Get:  Express your business need

⑦  Give:  Respond to "gets" of others

Monthly Business Networking

Membership Mindset

Committed to one another spiritually and professionally, successful chapters embody the "Grow by Giving" mindset:

  •  Guest-friendly:  Invite & welcome chapter growth

  •  Near by:  Actively participate in your chapter life

  •  Exemplary:  Maintain professional conduct throughout

  •  Trust-building:  Build relationships to foster referrals

G7 Membership Mindset

Find a Chapter

Join a community of like-minded professionals pursing revenue growth & spiritual development. Attend a local chapter event to see the power of G7 at work!

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Have questions? 

We got you. Check out our FAQ to learn more about the G7 Networking journey!


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