How To Join A Chapter

Welcome to G7! If connecting with others of like mind & Spirit to build trusted relationships that grow you and your business sounds interesting, you'll want to find and join a chapter.  By doing so, you'll be taking an exciting step forward, making an intentional effort towards growth via referral marketing.

If you're not yet familiar with all that G7 has to offer, take a look at our signature video, or skip ahead to the step by step instructions for joining a chapter below the video.


Finding A Chapter

After you complete your profile, find a Chapter in your area that has an opening for your profession. Your profession is set within your profile upon registration. If needed, you can update your profession at any time before joining a chapter by editing your profile.

Enter an Address:

On the Find Chapter page, start by entering your city into the address field and select your location from the drop menu.

Set the Proximity:

The proximity field controls the distance in miles from the address that was entered. The system will look for chapters within the specified range.

Enter an Available Profession to search:

The Available professions field helps you to search for Chapters that have an available opening for the specified profession. Chapters are made up of people from different professions. When an individual with a profession, set on their profile, joins a Chapter, they occupy that profession within the Chapter and the profession is removed from the available professions for the Chapter.

Requesting To Join A Chapter

Once you have located a Chapter in the search results, click to view its Members, Available Professions, Events, and more.  When you are ready to join, submit a "Request to join".

Submitting a Request to Join:

  • Click the green "Request to join" button on the left side of the Chapter home page (desktop view) or at the top of the chapter home page (mobile view).
  • If the chapter has an opening for one of the sub-professions you included in your profile, you will be prompted to pay for membership.
    • The Cost to Join G7 at the Chapter Member Level is:
      • $100 Initiation Fee, plus: (choose one)
        • $59 per month
        • $495 per year (save 30% with annual payment)
    • Alert: You will be prompted to select your profession from the available list once your payment has processed - don't miss this step.
  • Follow the remaining prompts and submit your request.
    • You will be added to the Chapter and membership will become final upon approval by Chapter Leadership.  This will typically occur within 1 to 5 business days.
    • If you have not heard back from the chapter within 1 week, please submit a support request via
    • If you are not approved, we will work with you to find or start a chapter. If no satisfactory chapter is found and you do not wish to start one of your own, we will refund 100% of your payment.

What happens if there is no available profession in the Chapter I'm trying to join?

First, understand that members within Chapters "own" their profession which is usually a "sub-category".  For example, the Real Estate category has quite a few sub-professions, including Commercial, Residential, and Other.  Your profile must have at least ONE sub-profession that matches an open sub-profession within the chapter.

So, if you received the message that there were no available openings, you may go back to your profile and add a sub-profession that is available.  You can search available sub-professions within the chapter by clicking on "Professions" in the menu on the chapter home page.


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