Event Features

Making Networking Missional

All of our events keep God at the center of networking. Each event is structured with a faith-based agenda that is geared toward growing you and your business.

Joining Events

Events are held by Chapters and the regions that support them. After finding and joining a Chapter, you are welcomed into all national, regional, and chapter events; and you can visit most chapters with permission from chapter leadership.  Start connecting and building relationships by joining a chapter near you or starting one of your own.

Join and Search

Joining an event interfaces


Monthly Agenda Sheet of Paper


Monthly Chapter Events

Every G7 Chapter follows our "7 G's" formula for leading tight, spiritually grounded meetings. This is a great leverage of time to share the gospel, make disciples, and do business together.

  1. Gospel:  A short devotional​
  2. Group:  Brief, member introductions​
  3. Grade:  Assess group progress​
  4. God:  Personal faith testimony​
  5. Grow:  Professional development​
  6. Get:  Express your business need​
  7. Give:  Respond to "gets" of others

Grow-By-Giving Mindset

Committed to one another spiritually and professionally, successful chapters embody the "Grow by Giving" mindset, putting the needs of other chapter members before yourself and using your spheres of influence to bless the lives of your fellow members.:

We are:

  • Guest-friendly:  Invite & welcome chapter growth
  • Near by:  Actively participate in your chapter life
  • Exemplary:  Maintain professional conduct throughout
  • Trust-building:  Build relationships to foster referrals

A Grow by Giving mindset creates the fertile ground that generates exponential growth.

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