Who We Are

Business & Faith,
Working Together

Our goal at G7 is to drive referrals for our members. This is based on research within the book, “EVANGELPRENEUR” by Josh Tolley, which states the Muslim community circulates a dollar 12-14 times, Jews 10-12 times, Christians less than once.

We believe that Christians need to be more intentional about doing business together and more importantly DRIVING business to each other through trusted relationships.

Our Purpose

Helping Members Grow

To grow our members spiritually, providing the encouragement and accountability that help members grab for the next rung on their spiritual growth ladder. Reaching up to be discipled by others, while reaching back to disciple others.

We Know How To Network

Networking is often confused with prospecting. At G7 Networking we educate our members towards embracing a grow by giving mindset, helping them unlock exponential business growth through referrals.

We put God at the Center

G7's tools are grounded in biblical principles & Christian teaching, while keeping membership open to peoples of all spiritualities & religious affiliations.

We Drive Change

G7 Networking strives to be the transformative Christian networking platform that acts as a catalyst for rekindling faith within society. In an increasingly secular world, G7 Networking recognizes the urgent need for a platform that fosters meaningful connections among Christians and empowers them to spread the message of hope, love, and discipleship.

A hand reached out with a plant growing in it


Our Leadership

With a wide background in business ownership, leading at Fortune 500’s, and directing Christian ministries, the G7 team understands what professional networkers need.