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Discover Why Christians Chose G7 To Help
Grow Their Business

G7 equips Christians to do referral business together. Through local, regional, and global chapters, we provide spaces for driving referral business in alignment with biblical values.

  • Local

    Expanding nationally, even globally and looking for leaders like you. Check for a Chapter near you or consider starting one of your own.

  • Warm Leads

    Chapters create business relationships that produce referrals, by permission, that increase your business.

  • Trusted Networking

    Building a network with like-minded professionals creates fertile ground via a God-centered network you can trust.

  • God Centered

    Make networking a missional component of your life via trusted relationships that encourage you and hold you accountable.

Build Your Network

Start By Building Connections

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Find Members in your area

based on professions that drive your business, propelling it forward.

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Start connecting in a Chapter

Visit a local or virtual chapter with business professionals doing referral business together.

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Attend networking events

meet fellow Christians, and build trusted relationships that drive your business.

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Creating Fertile Ground

A Grow By Giving Mindset

  • Be Open And Welcoming To One Another

    This warmth and camaraderie build trust and stronger relationships, making it easier to collaborate and refer one another for business opportunities.

  • Actively Participate

    By sharing their expertise, resources, and support, members can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience from others, leading to personal and professional growth.

  • Maintain Professional Conduct Throughout

    Ensures that all interactions are respectful and ethical, promoting a safe space for members to do business, share referrals, and establish a solid foundation for trust.

  • Build Trusted Relationships By Being Trustworthy

    By being trustworthy in their interactions and transactions, members earn the confidence of their peers. Trustworthy individuals are more likely to receive referrals, recommendations, and partnerships, leading to sustained and fruitful business relationships within the G7 Networking community.

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What the Community Is Saying

Kathy S
"Because I ventured out, I found more than I expected. I met some amazing individuals that have challenged my thinking, shared some amazing “God” stories, deepened my faith, and invested in me as a person. These few individuals are becoming prayer partners, advisors, and quite beloved and valued. As our G7 group grows, with anticipation I know what we offer others who join – authentic love for Christ."
Keith Trautman
"I love the nationwide connections I've gained from G7. I've met people from other states who have helped me propel my faith, business, and database. I'll never need to worry about leads. My brothers and sisters help me stay fed all the time. I'm so blessed to be part of an organization that keeps Christ at the front of the group. Looking forward to growing with like-minded friends."
Bob Lambert
"G7 Networking is unlike any other networking organization I've participated in over 40 years. To be in a gathering of like-minded people of faith is a blessing and joy. The focus on spiritual and business growth with God in the center is refreshing. The deep connections and relationships build a community of trust for doing business. If you're looking for meaningful spiritual and business relationships, check out G7 Networking. You won't regret it."
Geoff Bruskin
"G7 is a community of likeminded, business-oriented Christians who are passionate about faith, connection, and economic success for themselves and their peers. It is a great community to invest your time and energy into because the people are like you."