The G7 Network Features

A Searchable Faith-Based Community

Do you have trouble finding fellow Christians to do referral business with? We have designed several tools that help you discover local people, events, and chapters.

Your Discoverable Community Profile

When you create a profile in the G7 Network, you are creating a discoverable business profile for yourself. Other Christian professionals are doing the same and can find you just as you can find them. Proactively reaching out to connect for the purpose of driving each other's business is key to our rapidly growing Christian network.

A profile image


A profile connecting to other profiles


Building Your Network

By creating a profile you automatically join the G7 global community and have started to build your network. As you discover Chapters full of business professionals doing referral business together, you grow your network into a valuable resource for you and your sphere of influence.

Surf The Community Stream

Discover what is going on in the community by visiting the community stream. Quickly find conversations, topics, events, and a vibrant community of Christians working and doing business together.

The stream interface


An event interface with a location and calendar icon


Sign-Up for Events

As a paid member, you can join in-person and virtual Chapters. If you are looking for Chapters in your area, you can search for and join ones with an opening for your profession.  If you don't have a Chapter near you or you prefer virtual, virtual Chapters can be a great fit. You also have access to periodic open networking events and other Christian events organized by our collaborative partners in your area.

Private Messaging

Our platform provides a private messaging tool that allows you to begin conversations with people found in the community. You can start multiple conversations and each conversation provides a chat-like functionality.

Direct Message Interface