The Benefits of Chapter Membership

A Chapter is a rich environment in which referral business is encouraged. Chapters are given a digital and physical space to come together and build fruitful relationships that grow their members personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Primary Benefits


Your Chapter is an additional faith community that will help you grow your business while encouraging you and holding you accountable to living out your faith in the marketplace.

Small Group:

Typically, you will find others that are seeking similar contacts which becomes a small group within your chapter that meets regularly to compare notes and intel.


As you experience Chapter meetings and execute 1 to 1 meetings, relationships form and deepen via the promise of iron sharpening iron, "Where two or more gather, there I am with them." Matthew 18:20 NIV

Sphere of Influence:

It's a statistical fact that each individual influences at least 150 to 250 others. As you attend meetings, form small focus groups and build 1 to 1 relationships, the other members of the chapter begin to release their spheres into your realm, just as you do for them.


We all have experienced the power of a great referral when we are looking for a product or service.  It saves us time and eases our decision-making process. By joining a chapter, you increase your ability to be the resource hub for your customers... connecting them to great products and services delivered with care. At the same time, you also gain this benefit for yourself and your family.


As you dig in, develop relationships, access spheres of influence, and begin using resources, growth naturally occurs - in all areas of your life. This takes time and intentionality, have patience and sow into the lives of your Chapter members.  "It is more blessed to give, than to receive." Acts 20:35 NIV

Wise Counsel and Prayer Support:

As you experience the trials and tribulations of life, you now have an additional faith community to lean into for support and prayer. Your fellow members are walking in the same shoes and paths and the resulting empathy and understanding drive relevant wise counsel to complex issues.

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