Inviting Guests to Your Next G7 Chapter Meeting

There are three primary behaviors that will drive results for you and your chapter members:

  • Attending the monthly chapter meeting (or sending a substitute if you can't make it)
  • Doing at least ONE 1 to 1 meeting per month
  • Inviting guests to join your next chapter meeting

Here's a quick two-step approach that is highly effective for inviting guests:

  1. Unless you're inviting in-person, it's important to call the person you wish to invite.  Make sure to share your personal experience with the chapter and keep the focus on how this might benefit them from their point of view.  Here's a sample script: I'm part of a Christian networking group that's seeking a <profession> and I'd love it if you'd make time to come check it out.  We meet monthly on the <third Thursday at 7am>. Can I send over details on how you can join the complimentary LinkedIn-like digital community and one-click enroll to attend?
  2. Send the follow up email... Here's a simple template:

As we discussed, G7 Networking is connecting Christians to build trusted relationships that grow you and your business.  Please visit this informational page and start connecting by filling out your profile.  It only takes a couple of minutes, no credit card required.

Once you’ve completed your profile, you can start connecting by finding G7 events, chapters, and members.

As a first step, I’d like to invite you to join us for our next chapter meeting on <date of meeting>.  If you’ve completed your profile, you can find details here: <insert URL for your meeting>, including the ability to one-click enroll to attend.

I pray I’ll see you on the <date and time of meeting>!

Use this quick and easy approach to help grow your chapter and infuse new connections throughout your sphere of influence!

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