No Chapter in your area?

G7 Network is a fast growing community of like-minded professionals looking to network together. We are actively expanding our footprint. If you do not find a Chapter in your area, we have options!

Attend Zoom Info and Connect Sessions

These sessions provide basic information about G7 Networking, then dive into Gospel and Grow content and discussion. We wrap up the 1-hour session with round-robin introductions and prayer. Go to Find Event and filter "Virtual" under the event type to view and register for upcoming Zoom events.

Surf the Stream

Community Stream IconClick on the Community Stream icon located on the left (desktop) or top (mobile) navigation bar. This provides access to the current STREAM of new topic posts, events, new members and more.  Stay on top of G7 news, information and new members by checking in regularly.



Private Message Other Members

Connecting with others is your gateway to building relationships and growth. When appropriate, reach out to others in the network with encouragement, support and invitations to connect in person or online.

Start a Chapter

Interested in launching a G7 Chapter? Starting a G7 Chapter is a prestigious opportunity for growing your business while bringing the gospel to the marketplace.

Complete 5 simple steps we've organized for you here.

Still Need Help?

If you have a question not covered, please send us a message. We are happy to work to get you the answers you need.

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