Complimentary Membership Level: Joining the G7 Network is free. Complimentary Memberships include basic member search, three private messages per month, plus view access to chapters, member profiles and G7 events.  Start connecting by filling out your profile here, no credit card required.


Basic Digital - Annual

$125 / yr

plus $25 one-time Select

Expand your access to the community
  • Includes Complimentary features PLUS the following
  • Search G7 member directory by Category and Radius
  • Up to “10” Private Messages

Digital PLUS - Annual

$265 / yr

plus $50 one-time Select

Elevate your networking experience to the next level
  • Includes Basic Digital PLUS the following
  • Unlimited Private Messages
  • Post Topics (within Groups you are a member of)
  • Post to Stream (within Groups you are a member of)
  • Access to G7 Training Center
    • RightNow Media@Work Subscription
    • ReadIt4.Me Subscription
Required for Chapter Membership

Premium Chapter Membership - Annual

$495 / yr

plus $100 one-time Select

Unlock the full benefits of the G7 Network*

  • Includes Digital+ PLUS the following
  • Join a chapter
  • Unlimited visits to other chapters that don’t have your sub-category filled
  • Private member access to additional tools, training, and resources
  • Discounts on leadership and personal development tracks

G7 Networking memberships are a one-year commitment