Instructions for Chapter Use

What is the Recruitment Analyzer?

This G7 resource is a group exercise to help chapters get strategic about a) focusing their recruitment efforts, and b) supporting each other’s businesses.  Let’s get started!

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Step by Step:

  1. Each member (or guest) completes the INDIVIDUAL WORKSHEET.

    • Review the full list of categories. Circle ALL relevant categories you currently or would like to get referrals.
    • Write your top referral sources under the “My Top 5” column.
    • NOTE: If there's a specific industry that benefits you but is not on the list, please write them in.
    • For each category, write down 2 personal colleagues, whether in or outside of your chapter.
  2. Each member fills out their own SUMMARY SHEET together.

    • Go around the room & share your individual "My Top 5" referral categories.
    • Using their own summary sheet, each member records those categories (not the associate names), so that everyone is tracking with each other’s referral sources.
  3. Appoint one person to text a high-res picture of their completed SUMMARY SHEET to:

    • +1 (651) 300-4068‬
    • Record guest's personal business category in any space nearby.
    • Please ensure it’s legible.
  4. G7 will send a RECRUITMENT ANALYZER REPORT. Review these results together.

    • At your next chapter event, use its recommendations to build out an action-driven plan for recruiting & sharing new business.


  • As chapters change, so do your networking targets. For best results, do the Recruitment Analyzer with each +4 member increase OR every 6 months. 
  • Save time @ your chapter event. Ask your members to complete the individual worksheet prior to your chapter event.