What's your role at G7?  

As president of G7 Networking, I collaborate with CEO Bob Willbanks and PM Eric Teachout in these business functions: 

  • executing our business plan goals to launch G7 chapters and grow memberships 
  • serve as Regional and District Manager, providing regular coaching to chapter Presidents and field training for G7 chapters 
  • collaboration in raising capital resources
  • business-connector for network expansion, championing the mission and vision of G7 across the USA


Why are passionate about G7?  

I have a passion to help encourage people and see their businesses prosper. Where else can you leverage your time in business while also seeking to fulfill the great commission?

By hosting the gospel and testimonies of personal salvation in the middle of every G7 chapter event, we're ministering to the body of Christ and building a community that supports one another in the marketplace and in faith.


What's your background?  

I have a career history of being a connector to grow businesses locally, regionally, and nationally. Through strategic collaborations, business development, and sales management, I help support C-suite executives and business owners expand their reach. 

I also champion bridging Christian faith and work to serve and encourage people and foster community. I've been able to bridge this gap in networking connections for G7 and for companies in other fields, such as legacy financial planning, architectural masterplanning, and insurance solutions. 


What do you like doing when you're not working?  

I enjoy spending time with my family and being in the great outdoors. My wife Therese and I have been married since 1992. We love snow skiing in the winter and being by the lakes in the summer.

I am also very active in my church serving in men’s group, weekly prayer meetings, and church life.  


What's your favorite book of the Bible and why?  

Proverbs is my favorite book because I need God’s wisdom for leading myself and many others. To help keep it top of mind, I read and mediate on one Proverb a day throughout the month.