With over 22 years of experience, Dana embarked on an exciting journey in 1995. Leaving behind a thriving pastoral ministry in California, he founded CADCOM Consulting, a technology development firm. What started as a one-man operation quickly flourished into a powerhouse with over 300 dedicated professionals. In a remarkable turn of events, CADCOM was eventually acquired by a prestigious Venture Capital firm in Omaha through a pre-IPO exit strategy. Following the success of CADCOM, Dana, along with his wife Connie and their exceptional executive team, heeded the call from GE and founded TQI Net, Inc. Now known as TQI Solutions, the company has established itself as a trusted partner for over 300 clients spanning across various sectors. From Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, TQI's global client base stretches across the US, Europe, Africa, South America, and Australia. Notable clients such as GE, International Paper, Snecma Aerospace, Deloitte & Touché, Citi, Duke University Medical Center, and Lockheed Martin rely on TQI for innovative technology solutions and services in diverse industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, transportation, banking, energy, solid waste, safety and compliance, and more.


At TQI, their expertise lies in providing turn-key internet solutions encompassing professional services, cloud services, software application development, marketing, and design. Boasting a distributed workforce both in the US and offshore, TQI leverages Dana's profound knowledge in Six Sigma Process acquired under the leadership of Jack Welch, as well as Agile development methodologies. As a result, TQI has solidified its position as a leading provider of process improvement, system unification, and software applications. Their unwavering focus on generating measurable savings in time, money, and manpower, while fostering top-line growth, drives unparalleled success for their esteemed clientele. Beyond their commercial achievements, Dana and Connie's journey took an inspiring turn. After the sale of their company during the dot-com era, they founded the Beracha Foundation, a non-profit organization. The foundation plays a pivotal role in granting funds and providing financial services to non-profits, ministries, start-ups, and visionary businesses. Through their unique approach, they generously offer up to $4.35 for every $1.00 contributed by these entities towards enterprise software, marketing, design, and consulting solutions offered by TQI. Since its inception in 2000, TQI's Beracha Fund grants have generated an astonishing $45 million, making cutting-edge technology affordable for businesses and organizations in need, while shaping a brighter future.