What's your role at G7?  

As the Regional Manager, I am responsible for building chapters in Long Island and via our Virtual communities.


What's your background? 

Geoff has over 10 years of Recruiting, Consulting, and Connecting experience. After starting his career at Daversa Partners where he spearheaded Executive Financial Services and Technology placements, Geoff went on to work for The McGinty Group in their Private Equity and Financial Services division. Later, Geoff worked for Talent Partners, where he guided company processes and developed recruiting and operations best practices. Around the time of White Tiger Connections' founding in 2019, Geoff was fortunate to be taken under the wing of a PWC Emeritus Partner, and taught the public accounting space. Geoff is blessed with a beautiful family of 5 including his dog, Muki, and is also an avid martial artist.